Here are some videos starring Tommy Deeee:

^One of my Tom D’s NYC videos giving a tour of New York to Jacqueline Trumbull from the Bachelor. If you like it, check out my Youtube channel.

^Promo for the weekly comedy show at Poco Bar that I co-host and produce with Courtney Maginnis.

^A video for Holland Patent Public Library, directed by Nick Santos.

^Sketch written and directed by Dan Hurwitz, that was featured in the Huffington Post

^Regulars – Short film directed by Jaclyn Gramigna and written by Tomas Delgado and Luke Younger. Featured in New York International Shorts Festival, Coney Island Film Festival, and the Brooklyn Arts Festival. It was based on a friend of Tom and Luke who quit stand-up.

^Acting Reel – Drama and Comedy. Just like life. Sigh.